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WinZip Pro

WinZip Pro

Winzip pro have several compression tools out there that give you the ability to not only reduce the amount of space occupied by files on the hard disk, but also prevent them from being infected by malicious software. One of these utilities has made a name in recent years is WinZip pro, which offers a lot of tools more votes than ever.

  • compress and decompress instantly
  • AES reliable encryption for secure file sharing
  • Full file management for files in the local cloud, network and
  • direct exchange to cloud services, social networking and instant messaging
  • I share simplified by email

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Visually appealing and easy to use

Running the application executes a modern interface design with intelligent features stored in a top toolbar with intuitive icons, each found in specific categories. The workspace is more than a list showing the files that are about to undergo archive or extraction, along with related information such as name, type, size, history and more.

It provides assistance in office environments

Items are added quickly can share with their friends or coworkers through your favorite email account, various social networks as well as your personal cloud service. Additional tools allow you to have your image files automatically resized to several preset resolutions and even fitted with a watermark, as soon as they are added to the process.

Safety is always a concern, so it is an integrated feature gives you the possibility of having encrypted files so that only you have access to them. Moreover, there is even a converter that can be used to convert common office suite documents to the PDF format.

Fast processing speed at the cost of system resources

Compression methods available include maximum, increasing deflation, super fast, or without compression in order to better meet your needs. However, seeing how most storage devices are capable of holding large amounts of data, this should not be a big concern. a good job is done, reducing file size by a decent amount, with support for most file formats used today.

The overall process is fast, either archive or extraction, but at the expense of a considerable amount of system resources. When this is done, a screen post-processing shown with useful information regarding before and after changes were made, including the size.

Compressing files and share them online

Since the data transfer can be done through a lot of methods, such as the drive, removable devices and even multiple cloud services, WinZip pro manages to stay one step ahead of its competitors by offering support full share, hence the name of the first file menu: decompress / action.

The application is suitable both home and work environments because of the variety of tools it offers. Adding to prepare files for compression you can be done via drag and drop, as well as the input of the integrated context menu.

In conclusion

To summarize, WinZip pro not only manages to meet expectations, but also to impress with the number of tools that comes equipped with. This makes it much more than a simple compression utility, quickly going the way of being a powerful office assistant. Much more can be said, but the real magic is discovering the potential of WinZip again by itself.

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Winzip Pro


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