What is Google Page Rank: How to Check Page Rank of a Website

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Improving search engine rankings today is not difficult but requires effort. What this means is that you are not focused on just one factor. There are a lot of things that matter in a search engine. You are thinking about the keyword density, grammar and what not. However, depending on the kind of website you are operating and the sort of content you want to publish, you should create a SEO strategy of your own. This is what SEO gurus do. Not all factors are equally important. Some matter more than others but you can only know that by studying your own website and relating it to search engine factors. Google Page Rank is one such factor. It is an algorithm used by Google. Click on the below mentioned link to check page rank. https://www.prepostseo.com/google-pagerank-checker

What is Google’s Page Rank?
Google’s Page Rank is one of the first algorithms used by search engines. It was used to rank websites. It is deemed of great importance today because it is the benchmark for modern search engine algorithms. Over the years, it is true that Page Rank does not have the same weight and a lot more search engine factors are used. But that does not mean that Page Rank does not matter. Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, named Page Rank very tactfully. Google’s Page Rank tries to gain an estimate of a page’s relevance and authority in search engines by taking in account the links associated with that page.
Top Factors to Consider
1. Quantity of links
2. Quality of links
The number of links can be improved easily. However, focusing on quality is important. Even if you are adding just two links every month, it is completely alright as long as you have your quality on point. If you have one $100 bill, it is better than having ten $1 bills. It is search engine’s way of judging how much you worth are on the internet. If the other websites on the internet want to add links to your page on their website, then your website must contain some valuable content.

How to improve your blog’s Page Rank?
Your website’s Page Rank can be improved by a number of methods. One way to improve the number of links but also maintaining the quality of back links is through guest posting. Guest posting helps in building and fostering blogger relationships that can last a long time. It is one of the healthier ways to improve your search engine rankings. Avoid using backlink generators. You can also add inbound links.

Adding Internal Links to Blogs
This means that you can add links in your blogs that lead to other blogs on your website. It is one way to improve the authority of your website. This shows how much content you have on the website and how much it connects with other content on your website. Other websites that have the comments section on their websites, you can use them to add links. By commenting on the blogs, you are introducing yourself to new traffic that can bring you more and more committed viewership.

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