What are the Best Instagram Contest Ideas to Increase Followers + More Customers?

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What are the Best Instagram Contest Ideas to Increase Followers + More Customers?

What are the Best Instagram Contest Ideas to Increase Followers + More Customers?

As the Instagram contests can bring in the followers – an industry research revealed about +70% rise in the followers of accounts with help of contests – here are some ideas to share that any of the business can try.

Following is a look at the high-quality contests, check out why they got successful and know the key factors which drove the appeal.

Award-Winning Contests on Instagram

There are a media and software company named as Sawhorse Media, which hosts Instagram contest named as the shorty awards for identifying the standouts of social media contests. These are the annual awards which are featured Facebook, Tumblr, Snap Chat, YouTube, Musically and of course, Instagram. This company chooses the winners on the basis of the votes taken by public and scores from real-time academies.

Following are some of the famous contests got selected in the shorty awards during the last some years.

Snap Contest: Anthropologie’s Summer

Anthropologie launched this contest in Mau 15’, asking users of sharing pictures of the Anthropologie-fueled summertime adventures. So, what was the reward? One out of 5 shopping sprees of $500, along with the awards given before July. What were the results? 73% rise in follower count.

This contest held again 2 years later, with small prize value, however, there were 33 winners.

Reasons for the successful contest:

  • The contest encouraged people to share and create the user based content while fostering their creativity. Also, users were engaged into an innovative procedure which relieved their stress, improved their moods and spurred them of engaging with other that made them happier.
  • The contest held in a particular season – summer – however, using the finer guide provided by the Anthropologie, gave directions to the anchor entrants but along with the latitude of expressing themselves and showing their exposures.

Throwback Thursday Contest by Expedia

This contest was launched in 2014. The hashtag was #tbt, which was initiated back in 2006, however, the company made it quite unique for the followers by creating links of the contest with the traveling. Users Buy Instagram followers PayPal sent pictures of their favorite memories at a place and had a chance to win the tickets of that place and get recreated.

Winners got chosen after 7 days. The campaign led for 10 weeks. Results? 96% rise in follower count.

Reasons for the successful contest:

  • The hashtag of #tbt was quite effective as it evoked the positive sentiments of nostalgia. This nostalgia made users feel good. Reason? Looking back at the pleasant memories made everyone feel valued and loved, especially for those of you who were stressed regarding the issues of life. Happy memories aided to find and reconnect with the optimism.
  • Offering a winner after every 7 days kept entrants interacted, by increasing the probability to win

CIO Contest by Hillside Beach Club

It was a user based contest which was launched in 2015, in corporation with an unknown beachside restaurant of Turkey. As the post of the job description was made on LinkedIn, the CIO of Instagram directed ‘applicants’ towards an account on Instagram and asked them for sharing the innovative summer photos. These photos were judged using CIO as per 10 criteria.

So, what was the job? To spend 7 days at a resort and manage the Instagram account of the hotel. The 6 winners got selected. What were the results? 64% rise in the Instagram follower count and the hotel’s account became the largest account on the Instagram.

Reasons of the successful contest:

  • Other than the encouragement of creativity, this contest also made an engagement for users with an offer of the job. Not just the winners got a vacation at this luxurious hotel, but they were given a duty of showcasing their management skills too. the CIO understood that as people are let to make decisions, they get greater engagement and much more contentment with the results.

Latest Instagram Contests

The latest contest also enhanced the engagements. Following are a few additional ideas of thinking regarding how one should plan his contest to make it successful.

Boohoo Clothing

In the contest of Boohoo clothing, the boohoo noted that they have reached to the target of 3 million follower count and for thanking the entrants, the company offered a chance of winning a vacation. Though, increase in follower count isn’t available now, but the contest got around 30,000 entries.



Bluenotes’ Jeans Contest

There have been many days devoted to the acknowledgment of different behaviors, events, and products.

This contest was held in celebration of the National Sweatpants Day. The follower gains were not tabulated, but the Instagram account got 21,000 followers and 14% engagement on daily basis.

Increasing the follower count by using the Instagram contest is not regarding the prize value, it is about the exposures. Encouraging innovation, offering acknowledgment and expressing gratitude attracts the followers and saves you to Best site to Buy Twitter followers.

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