SnoreLess – A Drop Shipping Business, Makes $ 25,000 Every Month

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SnoreLess – A Drop Shipping Business, Makes $ 25,000 Every Month

Explore this business opportunity, an ecommerce store that sells an anti-snoring device, and generates good revenue and profits. This might be that niche you have been looking for, the best chance to kick-off your new success story.

Drop Shipping Business with Great Revenue and Profits

If you have experience in ecommerce and online marketing, Snoreless is the business to look at for that next venture. You will be getting a profitable drop shipping business, and you will be selling a great product that helps people who have sleep issues.

What is Snoreless?

Snoreless is a device that helps people with sleep apnea or snoring. This device is a breakthrough design that eliminates the need for masks and hoses. Just a simple lightweight device that makes you sleep undisturbed and without disturbing the sleep of others.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP therapy is one the most common treatments for snoring and sleep apnea. CPAP treatments ensure that your air inflow is optimal, controls the exhalation to prevent excessive air outflow. Snoreless is a device that implements this therapy in a simple way.

Snoreless uses carbon filters to purify inhaled air and to speed up inhalation to the right level. Exhalation is controlled using microscreens in the exhalation vents. These techniques work together to maintain optimal air pressure, preventing the collapse of the soft tissues in the back of your throat. This stops sleep disturbance issues like snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

This website is setup to sell this innovative device. The shop is built on a dropshipping model that has generated over 60k in sales within just two months of full-fledged operations. This is a business that sells a product that will have consistent demand, without any seasonal dips.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions: 24.440 Revenue: $27,472 Profit: $6,366

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $29/month Domain – $1.17/month Apps-  $96/month Facebook Ads – $8,065/month

Time to Spend: Around 18 hours per week

The Store’s Performance

The drop shipping business was set up just a few months back, in May 2018. The first two months were spent in designing the website, finding a good supplier who would fulfil the orders quickly and reliably, and in creating marketing plans. In July, the marketing techniques and campaigns were setup and they started paying off from August. For that month, the recorded revenue was more than $34,000, yielding a profit margin of 27%.

The Work That Has Been Put In

The seller has utilized a number of apps on the website to boost conversions. There is also a good abandoned cart back-end facility using which customers can be re-targeted and incentivised to complete their purchase, through email and FB messenger notifications.

The seller has been phasing out old FB ad campaigns and testing several new ones, all of them with the potential to yield good results. Because of all this, the facebook pixel has a huge amount of data that can be used for future growth.

In addition, the new marketing campaigns set up by the seller can be leveraged to push up the sales to 2k or 3k per day and above. The current owner, besides designing a sleek website that is speedy and secure, has also created a lot of media files in the form of images and videos that will help add further value to the website and the brand.

There is an email list of more than 2,300 subscribers. The seller has harnessed this with good marketing campaigns set up on Mailchimp that have on their own resulted in $2,230 in sales. The seller has also invested in good marketing material for the Facebook ad campaigns which has helped in getting good returns on the ad spends.

The Possible Future Initiatives to Grow This Business

The current owner suggests focusing on the newly setup ad campaigns in facebook, utilizing the email list and also designing retargeting campaigns on Facebook using the pixel data. The current owner also advises the buyer to white label the anti-snoring device to create a unique brand identity and utilising VAs as the business grows, for order fulfillment and customer support.

Besides this, the buyer should also focus on unique content creation, which will add value to the website and could also help to bring in high-quality backlinks. The buyer is also advised to utilize Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as the primary social media platforms to reach out to more people. This website is already geared towards generating multiple 6-figure sales each year. With all this, the new owner will have ample time to create new marketing techniques, and come up with ideas to take this business in new directions and make it a highly profitable venture.

The new owner, besides inheriting the marketing materials and campaigns, will be getting the shop, domain, logo and branding assets, social media accounts, mailing list of over 2,600 subscribers, and Product Photos. The seller will also continue providing personal support after sales for a week to familiarize the new owner with the workings of the website, and all the marketing strategies that have been used on Facebook.

Shopify ExchangeMarketplace will provide the technologies like email and messaging systems for the negotiations, escrow services to complete the transaction. After the sale, the Exchange Marketplace support team will move in to help the buyer take over the drop shipping business and build on the solid foundation.

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