Sell Tickets Easily On Shopify With These Event / Ticketing Apps

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Sell Tickets Easily On Shopify With These Event / Ticketing Apps

Sell Tickets Easily On Shopify With These Event Ticketing Apps

Event Management Apps Are Important For Stores That Sell Tickets

Shopify is a versatile web store builder for almost every kind of sale that you are engaged in. Since it is a shopping cart software, it is easy to select products, add them to the cart, add payment methods and then ship. However, there are some services like event planners who need to sell tickets. Or you may have a piano recital at your bookstore, for which you want to sell tickets. Can you do that with Shopify? Indeed, you can even sell tickets for events with a store built with Shopify. There are some excellent event/ticketing apps in Shopify. You can integrate these apps with your store and sell tickets with ease. It is really easy to sell tickets through your Shopify site if you integrate these great apps to it.


This is a booking app that lets you create orders on the basis of incoming bookings. So if you are running an online shop to rent out stuff or provide cooking classes, for example, you can integrate this app with your Shopify online store.  With the help of this app, you can go through orders on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Customers can see the availability of classes, appointments or items on a specific date and time. It shows real-time availability. You can start with a trial plan. Though it is limited to 10 bookings and 10 products, you can get an idea about the functionality of the software through the trial version. To use the full utility app you need to pay $20 a month. For that amount, you can use it for unlimited bookings and unlimited customers.


Whether you are hosting a seminar for a new product launch or it is your job to host events, you need to sell tickets. So how do you do that with Shopify? You just need to integrate the Tazotix app from the Shopify app store. The app can help you to automatically sell tickets to customers. You can customize the look of the tickets you want to issue as well. If you need to issue different types of tickets such as Adult tickets, Child tickets, VIP passes etc, you can do that easily with this app. It has a door list which you can easily use to check orders for individual events. The doors list is helpful in verifying the check-in of guests. If there are some offline requests for tickets or there are some special guests, you need to issue tickets manually. With this app, you can do that seamlessly. So whether you are selling tickets only intermittently or you do it regularly, you can do it with Tazotix. At the end of the day, you can download the orders from the door list in the form of a CSLV spreadsheet and incorporate the data into the workflow. You need to pay just $20 per month after a 5-day trial.

Evey Event Management

If event management is your forte, you can use Evey with elan. With this app, you can sell tickets for events and also manage guests. It has a web as well as a mobile interface. You can also generate eTickets and verify them with the Verified Check-In system during the event. In the latest update, it boasts of an iOS Check-in App through which you can verify checks-ins fast and with complete reliability by scanning the tickets at the door. If you want to customize the tickets, you can easily do that with this app. You can add the custom design to the tickets with HTML, CSS or Liquid and take printouts in PDF. You don’t need to spend a penny extra to issue customized tickets to groups or individuals.  

  • iCal Integration

The iCal integration service in the app lets the attendees add your event to their calendars and set reminders, alerts etc. That makes it really useful for the attendees.

  • Multiple ticket types

Do you want to sell tickets in multiple formats, such as VIP tickets, Adult tickets, Child tickets etc based on different price and other parameters? You can do that with Evey. You can even create tickets for groups and also offer discounts to specific groups.

  • Attendee Management

In some cases, you may need to add attendees manually. You may also need to transfer some tickets to others manually. This is easy with Every since it allows attendees to change the details in their own tickets. Details like email, name etc can be changed and that is what you need for transferring tickets to others.

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