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Safe365 USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Wizard


Recover accidentally deleted data from all USB flash drive brands. Best USB in the world flash data recovery software helps you efficiently retrieve data including images, photographs, audio, video, images, music and songs, clips, text, documents the campaign lost due to accidental loss, virus damage, disks damaged from all types of flash drives including pen drive , thumb drive, memory stick, data traveler, Handy drive, flash drive, key chain drive, USB Flash drive.


  • Data from any flash drive brands restore
    Flash Data Recovery Wizard Safe365 USB drive can recover any deleted data and files missing from the storage drive quickly, safely and completely. It fully supports all USB brands flash drive: SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, HP, Sony, Assi, a pirate, Moser Baer, ​​Lexar, CD-R King, Cruiser Glide, Toshiba, A- data, PNY, Silicon Power, Lacey, PQI, Apacer, TDK, decisive, OEM, strontium, literally, KINGMAX, Maxell, TWINMOS, buffalo, team, Diunamai, Intenso, GENX, Patriot, EMTEC, Duracell, pendrive, USB direct, Frohne, Verico, Ridata, Western digital, Olkya, KingCom digital, datAshur, CROMA.
  • Why processor USB flash drive data recovery
    When you meet with indifference some of these scenarios in daily life, and the loss of files from the USB drive does not mean that these files are gone forever. You have a wonderful opportunity to do a USB flash drive recovery with Safe365 USB flash drive data recovery wizard does not commit any process that will reduce the chance of recovery USB error.
  • Recover lost data in different scenarios
    Recovery Safe365 processor USB Flash Drive data can recover lost data due to improper handling, by mistake or carelessly delete files from a USB flash drive and can not find them in the trash or the trash, and the loss of files when you move them from the USB flash drive and other devices for the cause Unknown, forget to connect a USB flash drive after shutting the computer down and some files are deleted or USB flash drive suffers a virus or malware files get hidden or deleted, files an attack USB flash drive becomes inaccessible for unknown reasons.
  • Data recovery in a short time
    Featuring Safe365 Flash Drive Data Recovery Wizard, USB two of the most powerful media scanning engine, which allows to detect files based on the signature. The first test is fast and can be found on the files that were deleted recently, so that you can easily recover it. Deep scan process means a thorough inspection may take longer than the first step.

Safe365 USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Wizard


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