Net Monitor for Employees Pro 5.4.5 Crack is Here ! [LATEST]

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Net Monitor for Employees Pro

Net Monitor for Employees Pro Crack

Net Monitor for Employees Pro Crack has also been taken into custody for the safety of employees, so it is possible for you to view the display of computers connected to the network. You have probably noticed that your employees or people in your computer who use your network. The special features of this program are recording distances of these display pages even if you do not worry about them or if your employees need to see your structural changes then you can show them the monitor of their page to help them. You can This program can also be used for students or students of students in the classroom or employees to control the display of the contents of the screen to use them.

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Key Features:

  • Display the live images of the destination computer
  • Display most pages of the destination computer in a table
  • The ability to control the floor computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard
  • Manage computers in a classrooms group
  • Display the connected user’s name
  • Zoom your target computer to its exact size
  • Lock the workstation
  • Display the source desktop on the targeted computer
  • Target computer screen recording video in AVI file format
  • Close fixed computers, restart, hibernate, or hang
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Log Off Desktop Users
  • Screen Saver Control
  • No need for high bandwidth
  • Block the Internet
  • Controlling ongoing tasks
  • Display a message on custom computers
  • Unable to lock desktop computers


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