Mobile Encryption Apps to Protect Your Phone !

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Mobile Encryption Apps to Protect Your Phone From Your Girlfriend

Every day, an active smartphone user is exposed to hundreds of different threats, ranging from viruses and annoying ads to the theft of passwords and personal data. By the way, our girlfriends are the most frequent data thieves. This is not easy to say, but it was the hot Ukrainian brides’ increased interest in their boyfriends’ smartphones that gave rise to the high demand for encryption applications (joke). These eight applications will help protect data on your device.


This is an encryption program for mailing. Its plus is that it works with existing mailboxes. When you run the software, you just need to enter your email address and password, and Inky will connect to your e-mail. And one more function distinguishes the program from similar ones: in order to decrypt a message received from you, the addressee does not have to install this application at all. Your letter will come in the form of a link, clicking on which the addressee will read the already decrypted message.

Adblock Browser

The browser is able to protect your mobile phone from viruses and spyware. And its plus is that it performs the function of an ad blocker, thanks to which the pages of sites will load faster, which will save both time and battery power. You can download the version for Android and iOS.


This app will make wiretapping your conversations on the phone impossible. It finds programs and applications that are trying to access the microphone, and if they are found, MicroGuard will warn the user about it with a special signal. The application has a version for Android. They say that even the director of the FBI uses the application for avoiding wiretapping. The demand for it has greatly increased after the famous whistleblower Snowden published the shocking information that the security services can listen to absolutely any phone in the world! Who knows, maybe your girlfriend is also doing this – it is better to be safe.


This app blocks access to confidential information stored on your gadget. That is, with its help, you can hide your social networks, photos, messages, or emails from other users. Also, the software allows you to set up profiles with different levels of access on your smartphone: by an arc, a person can make a call but cannot view your photos. You can block access using a password, a pattern, or a fingerprint (for devices running on Android 6.0 and higher). The program can be installed on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Camera Blocker

Have you noticed that different applications often request access to the camera? Transferring photos and videos to the network instantly is, of course, wonderful, but this makes the camera the Achilles heel of the phone — malware can also penetrate through open access. So, the Camera Blocker blocks any unauthorized access to the camera. Interestingly, the utility itself does not require such permission.


The encryption application will prevent strangers from reading your confidential information, so you can safely keep the business and personal correspondence, financial and legal documents, photos, and videos in cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive). If, however, the access password to the files becomes known to a stranger, they still will not be able to understand the encoded information. The utility can be installed on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


DuckDuckGo will not give out user information about requests even at gunpoint. It simply does not remember it: the app does not save IP-addresses, does not record information about the user, and uses cookies only in case of emergency. DuckDuckGo works on iOS and Android.

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