How to do an Instagram Giveaway

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How to do an Instagram Giveaway

How to do an Instagram Giveaway

A giveaway on Instagram is quite simple. You make people post the photos on Instagram and then to include your hashtags in their captions. This is it. In this way, they get entered into the prize-winning contest. Also, you can easily include the forms in these giveaways, making it possible for the users for collecting the email addresses.

So, let’s move onto the following tips which can help you in creating an amazing giveaway at Instagram and making a valuable bundle of content for including in the future marketing. Other than running a successful giveaway on Instagram, you can also a cheapest smm reseller panel for having greater engagement and followership.

  1. Set your goal

You must approach the Instagram giveaway as you would do any other kind of marketing campaign, by deciding a basic goal. Do you aim for increasing brand awareness? Gather leads? Increase engagement? You can perform any of these points with the help of a giveaway on Instagram? The method you use for executing giveaway will totally depend on your goal. Few examples of the goals can be:

  • Improvement of engagement
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Promoting your new product
  • Gathering reviews
  • Finding and developing brand advocates

With the help of an Instagram contest, the house of Switzerland gathered thousands of the amazing traveling pictures which they use to manage their website, print ads, and the social media channels.

Another finest reason for using the giveaway on Instagram is to gather the UGC for building a library of the images (as well as videos) to be used on different marketing channels.

  1. Promote

The User-generated contests for hashtags are especially famous on Twitter and Instagram, however, you can promote them on YouTube and Facebook too, and other social media platforms. Never forget: as this contest ends, have a look on methods for using the UGC that are collected in the advertising along with other marketing methods. Why?

As per Shopify, when the shopping stores include the UGC in the advertising, the clicking rates become higher four times while the CPC and cost acquisition decrease by half. Moreover, higher is the engagement on the post, in shape of comments and likes, more will be the prioritization of videos and photos in the feed on the platforms such as Instagram. This makes it easy to make the posts viewed by more users of Social media reseller panel.

3. Propose an incentive

Proposing a reward or any other incentive (in form of a discount) is a simple method of attracting users to the giveaway and even for converting the passive audience into the active audience. You may think of proposing a group of rewards, like a free trial of the service or one of your famous products, along with a feature of the winner’s submission on the website. In this way, a winner gets rewards along with the tangible prize and get incentivized of sharing his rewards on the social media also. This will bring more exposures for your company.

To give away a big sized reward, such as cash or iPads may bring many followers and entries to you or even bigger engagement. But, if your objective is to construct a strong customer base, it is better for you to design your giveaway around the reward which is much related to the business.

4. Be specific about your request

Starbucks is one of the amazing brands which is a great inspiration for Instagram contests and giveaways. They have a seasonal Instagram cup contest which usually gets a lot of attention: the latest holiday-themed red cup contest has brought above 40k entries. Starbucks asks its participants to take the plain red cup and then make it beautiful as much as you can

The winner of this cup contest won a prize or gift card which worth around $500. The company asked participants for posting their creations and their post containing an announcement of reward, got more than 309K views.

5. Monitor and get permission always before posting

It is hard for brands to monitor all of the user-generated content available on social media. You can’t tell the exact amount of people who are talking regarding your brand with a help of some hashtags. If you host an Instagram giveaway and use hashtags for collecting UGC, you must always post the rules and regulations which warn users about how and where they can utilize their posts.

However, even if you don’t plan to give away anything, there exist some tools which aid in the monitoring of the content that includes particular hashtags. In this way, you can get feedback from users and collect the data into your database. Hence, you ask permissions for featuring the posts, you would like to utilize on your channels and even for the marketing.

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