How To Buy Domain From Shopify?

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How To Buy Domain From Shopify?

A domain name is what the users type in a browser to find a particular website. This is why the domain name is also called a web address. People wouldn’t be able to find a website on the internet if it didn’t have a domain name. Each website will have a unique domain name connected to it so a user can get directed to that particular website.

Importance Of Having A Domain Name

It’s important to choose the right domain name for your online store because it serves as a virtual address for your business. Having a relevant and unique domain name will make it easier for customers to access your online store. A domain name that isn’t original or unrelated to your business will make it harder for your online store to rank up in the search results.

You should consider two major major factors before you buy domain or create one for your online store:

Brand-Centric Domain Name: You should choose a domain name that matches your brand and the kind of business that you do. Go for a domain name that’s the same as your brand name because that will create a direct association with your online store. This kind of a domain name is especially effective for an established business that already has the attention of the customers. For example, includes its own brand name in the domain. Having a brand-centric domain name will be the easiest way for a new ecommerce business to increase its visibility in the search results.

Keyword Rich Domain Names: A domain name that’s rich in keywords will have specifically chosen words that reflect the business. These keywords will be used for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization. When a person browsing the internet types in these particular words, it increases the chances of your online store appearing in the search results. This will improve the traffic to your online store and help you reach more customers without relying solely on paid advertisements.

How to buy domain with shopify

How To Buy Domain On Shopify

If you’re using Shopify to operate your ecommerce business, here’s how you can buy domain name for your online store:  

Step 1

You can use Shopify’s domain name generator to check the availability of a particular domain name. It’ll show you a list of domains that you could use based on specific words or phrases you want to include in the domain name.   

Step 2

Follow the steps given below to start the process of buying a domain:

  • Go to the Shopify admin page and navigate to the Domains section under Online Store
  • Click on the Buy New domain  button
  • Type in the domain name that you want to purchase in the text field.

Step 3

You can now view the price of the domain name and the extensions that are available for it. These extensions could include common options like .biz and .com or country options such as .ca  or .in.

The prices may vary, so make sure you review your options carefully.

Step 4

Shopify will let you know if a particular domain name is unavailable for purchase. Click the Buy button to purchase the domain name that you want.

You can buy the domain name that you want directly through Shopify

Step 5

You will get an Order Summary to review your purchase. Shopify will use your email and account information to make the purchase and also to renew the domain license. You will also get the option to automatically renew the domain every year before the license expires. You can select the “Auto-renew this domain every year” option to enable this feature. The order summary will also show you the next date of charge to renew the license.   

Step 6

You can use the Order Summary to check if a particular domain has WHOIS privacy. WHOIS will allow people to check the availability of a domain name and also display information about the owner. If a domain has WHOIS privacy enabled, it won’t display the personal information of the owner in domain registration records.

If the domain doesn’t offer WHOIS privacy, you can cancel the purchase and look for a different domain that’s not on the WHOIS Exceptions list. A domain that’s on the WHOIS Exceptions list doesn’t hide ownership information from the public.

Step 7

Click Buy domain after reviewing the Domain Registration Agreement and ICANN policy. Shopify will send you an email confirming the purchase and it could take up to 48 hours for the domain to become operational.

You should buy domain that matches your business and products, so you can increase the visibility of your online store.

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