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GTA San Andreas Apk


GTA: San Andreas under the Android system has pleased many owners of smartphones. As you know, Rockstar recently ported its most famous project to mobile devices. Now you can download GTA Sanandres for Android absolutely free and in just a few minutes.

This video game does not differ intricate storyline, but the gameplay from this is not affected. Players will interact with the characters controlled by the computer. The acting character is a young lad with a sad past. He was a simple petty thief, but now he is forced to plunge into the dangerous world of San Andreas. Therefore, before you download GTA san on Android, think carefully about whether you are ready for unpredictable adventures in a city full of bandits?

In the story, the protagonist left his town five years ago, because the cops accused him of killing his own little brother, although he did not do this. Now, after many years, he returned to San Andreas to attend the funeral of his mother.

The gameplay on the Android version is almost no different from the gameplay of its computer counterpart. Gamers need to download GTA for Android and run around the virtual world and complete plot tasks. Do you want to hit some passerby or fight with a girl? No problem, in GTA San Andreas APK you can both! Do not forget about the huge weapon potential, which in the game is presented more than solidly – from the usual pistols and ending with the all-absorbing flamethrowers. Want to steal a car? Choose any one you like – the main thing is to get away from the cops in time. Do not like latinos? Why not crash into their gang at full speed and not finish off the survivors? Just remember for them you will immediately become persona non grata.

It should be noted that Rockstar not only copied the game on mobile devices with Android but also added some innovations. Great attention was paid to the developers of vehicles, now there is an opportunity not only to choose any car you like but also how to tune it. On such a machine, it is not a shame to roll up to some “chick” – the benefit is that the developers took care of the communication with the female gender, having noticeably diversified it.

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