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DoYourData Uninstaller

DoYourData Uninstaller

DoYourData Uninstaller It is a well-known fact that Control Panel’s abilities are rather limited as far as uninstalling programs is concerned and that it does happen to be overwhelmed by stubborn applications that will simply not disappear from your computer.

In such a scenario, a specialized tool is needed so that you clean your PC of all traces persistent apps might leave behind. One such utility is DoYourData Uninstaller.

Can uninstall flawed programs, Windows apps, and plug-ins

Sporting a clutter-free user interface, the program is quite easy to explore even for users who lack deep technical expertise. Seeing all your applications and plug-ins listed in the main window, with their icon, name, size, and version added so that you are fully informed about their nature, things seem clear-cut from the very beginning.

Note that Windows Store apps are grouped separately from the rest of the programs, which will obviously help you have a better overlook of the programs you may want to remove from your PC.

Once you have settled on one or more applications you no longer find a use for, you can select them by checking their name and then clicking the “Uninstall” button. If you have meanwhile changed the status of your PC and have added or removed apps, you may want to click the “Refresh” button so that you see an updated list of the pieces of software that need your attention.

Packs a powerful clean-up component

In case you have accidentally selected a name on the list you don’t actually want to get rid of, fret not, since the program will ask for permission before proceeding with the uninstall.

After you confirmed your position, the program will perform a basic removal but will then offer to clean up leftovers, which it automatically inspects. Clicking the “Deep Clean” button will complete the action and will ensure your computer is decluttered, and no empty folders and registry entries hinder its performance.

Thoroughly uninstalls programs that would otherwise not leave your PC

On an ending note, DoYourData Uninstaller is an easy-to-use program that helps you get rid of programs that, due to some unpleasant circumstances, may require special attention. It is capable of removing any traces these pieces of software may leave on your PC so that you can be sure no useless files occupy the disk.

DoYourData Uninstaller


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