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cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN – a personal VPN-client for Windows which provides anonymity and security online. It uses secure servers between your computer and the ISP for traffic encryption and substitution of the real IP-address.

If some users are willing to visit the sites on the Internet anonymously avoiding tracking by advertising networks and services analysts other consumers are more interested in protecting the unprotected wireless connections in public networks. Another group of VPN users is needed to circumvent regional restrictions and censorship to view banned content anywhere in the world.

All of these different applications to be covered CyberGhost VPN 6 new optimized way unique and should be extremely easy to use. The product uses a sophisticated internal technology in order to always use the perfect and ideal server protection applies. Again there is a separate audience of users who want to independently modify the connection settings. Especially for those users, CyberGhost VPN must implement additional functions for individual VPN-connection settings.

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Ease of use
Beginners usually do not want to deal with terms such as DNS-Leak-Protection Internet Kill-Switch VPN-Server etc. and instead want to use a reliable service that runs in the background and protects the privacy and personal data. Six preset profiles allow you to create the VPN connection optimized meet your specific needs and provide the best security convenience and privacy.

Anonymous surfing
This profile enables all the protection components and launches the default browser in Incognito mode (private browsing mode in).

Unlock sites
You are on vacation or on a business trip and did not want to put up with blocking streaming favorite TV channel or other content? Choose among several preconfigured streaming providers and CyberGhost automatically configure optimized VPN connection.

network protection
Open unencrypted wireless connections pose serious security risks because the other party of such networks can effortlessly intercept your personal data. Profile connects the user to the nearest VPN server automatically when connected to an unencrypted network.

Loading Anonymous
This profile will automatically select a VPN server that is optimized for large data volumes and P2P traffic and works with your download manager. During the beta list of supported download, managers will be updated.

Bypass restrictions
This profile device connects to the VPN server in a liberal country and allows access to popular sites and services such as Twitter Facebook and YouTube.

If you are an experienced user of VPN and want to choose their own servers and additional security features? CyberGhost 6 provides a convenient way for easy connection management. You can select the country and the server configuration to add some favorites and apply preset filters.

Protection at the click distance
After setting each profile can be launched directly from the Quick Start menu or automatically when the system boots.

application protection
You do not want the program to use the connection without VPN? No problem the new function ‘App Protection’ helps to define a profile for a particular application and in the future CyberGhost will automatically apply protection immediately after application launch. Application start-up will be delayed until the user activates the selected profile.

Advanced Protection Technologies
CyberGhost VPN includes firewall technologies that prevent connection to the Internet applications outside the VPN tunnel (Internet Kill Switch). CyberGhost VPN also manages its own DNS infrastructure to ensure that the system uses DNS own server (DNS-Leak Protection).


  1. Disable Internet Connection
  2. Install the program
  3. Then close CyberGhost.Service.exe process and stop the CyberGhost Service
  4. Once in the program folder remove wyUpdate.exe
    Thus we removed the self-renewal of the program!

cyberghost VPN

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  1. Not working. Crack+Fix is useless. As soon as crack is applied application stops to load. Error ‘ Service Not Reachable’. Task/service manager shows cyberghost service stopped. Cannot force start the service either. Please can you check and provide a working crack/fix for the new update. Anyone, any solution please.

  2. Thank you for the fix. But what’s wrong with the downloads link. Not working. Cannot download. It goes to ads site. No download of set-up or crack is possible. Any help, pls.

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