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AnyDesk Free Download is a remote desktop software which allows you to connect multiple computer network with each other, the best thing of AnyDesk is it’s size, it just a 2mb software which you don’t have to install it. You just need to run it and enjoy.

AnyDesk Download for PC connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike.

Features of AnyDesk :

  • Enjoy a fluent on-screen experience, with 60 fps on local networks and most internet connections.
    Near-instant responses are essential when working on a remote desktop. That’s why AnyDesk latency lies
  • below 16 milliseconds on local networks and is therefore not perceptible.

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  • Perform tasks smoothly, even with bandwidths as low as 100 kB/sec. AnyDesk is the remote desktop software of choice for areas with poor internet connectivity.
  • Built by us, DeskRT is an innovative codec that forms the foundation of AnyDesk. It compresses and transfers image data between computers in a way that no competing product is able to do.
  • Get started with AnyDesk right away — no registration, installation or administrative privileges required.Simply download, launch and you’re good to go.
  • Our servers use Erlang telecommunication technology. That means low latency, high availability and uptime guaranteed.
  • Collaborate and communicate with ease, whether you’re holding online meetings and presentations or working on the same document from the side of the world.
  • With its unrivaled bandwidth efficiency, AnyDesk is unfazed by data-intensive applications, such as CAD or video editing.

What’s New in AnyDesk 5.4.0 ?

Fixed Bugs
– Discovered clients showed state offline on remote user image change.
– System settings were accessible after installation without the need of
entering credentials.
– Fixed crash during update of Discovery tooltips.
– Edit fields no longer make error sounds on pressing Enter, Escape and Tab.
– Fixed display of focused state for listview items in list mode.
– Quitting from the system tray was not possible.
– Fixed crash related to scrolling in file transfer panel

Other Changes
– Updated translations.
– Allowed to type into the address field directly after main window startup.
– Added support for Android special keys:
F5/Home/Pos1 -> Android Home
F6/Backspace -> Android Back
F7 -> Android Volume Down
F8 -> Android Volume Up
F9/Escape -> Android Power
F10 -> Android Menu
End -> Android DPAD Center


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