4 Ways to Use Facebook & Instagram to Grow Your Lists (and Sales) in 2018

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4 Ways to Use Facebook & Instagram to Grow Your Lists (and Sales) in 2018

4 Ways to Use Facebook and Instagram to Grow Your Lists (and Sales) in 2018

The brands, businesses and marketing agencies can anticipate always when the largest initiatives of marketing are about to occur each year. Above all, the main holiday seasons are well known in advance, so the seasonal promotions can easily be predicted. It is the time which lies in mid of the big events. Like, now!

If businesses get marketed during these times, you will get able to stand out of the crowd and offer bigger values for companies and people which depend on you. many businesses provide slow and busy seasons. You should what to do when things seem busy. It is easy. However, what you must – the business manager, owner or an agency rep – perform for adding the value to the company during these slow seasons? If you own an agency, what kind of services you must offer to your customers so that they keep coming to you even when things get slow?

Here is how Facebook and Instagram can help you:

  1. Keep your customers engaged

Customers may need their expenditure fix during these busy days, however, they are perusing the social media while checking their emails still. If you provide an engagement for them during these days, you will keep their mind fresh regarding your business so that they will pick you up as the slow days are over. There is a list of tips which you can use for increasing the engagement on Instagram and Facebook. Or, you can also Buy Instagram Followers UK for it.

  1. Be steady
  2. Post at best times
  3. Put eye-catching photos on posts
  4. Be brief
  5. Be authentic
  6. Provide value
  7. Run innovative contests
  8. Be reasonable
  1. Use marketing campaigns during downtimes

A lot of people experience the same kind of mechanism about the retails. Business gets slow down soon after the holidays. That, obviously, influences business owners too, however, it has seemed that few people embrace even in the slow period and make their business work Buy Twitter followers and get benefits. A few years back, one of the companies named as Star Fine Foods, intended to carry out a promotion campaign at a large scale just after the holiday season passed, for lessening the woes and got a great success.  

In fact, it is pretty easy to catch wide examples of such happenings. Along with that, there exist some shopping holiday seasons such as Black Friday and there are so many others which are purely organized in reference to clever marketing. There is a small reason behind the cyber Monday other than the extending the Black Friday.

Yet, most of the owners are not are scouring their websites for the deals every year the retailers run these deals.


4 Ways to Use Facebook and Instagram to Grow Your Lists (and Sales)

  1. Make use of landing pages for increasing ad conversionsAds can be costly, although they are important for many businesses and can be used the whole year. The ultimate goal of each of the ad is funneling someone from preview to purchase, however, everyone knows that it doesn’t happen each time. This doesn’t mean that you get to settle for the previews. You desire to get the potential business closer to the realized business, so if the preview doesn’t convert to the purchase, you can increase the odds at lease that the previews will be converted to purchase one day.

    The value of the purchase is more than the email address. Your email address has more value than social media followers. While the value of social media followers is higher than that of a click. But, a preview carries more value than a click. Thus, how to raise your sale by climbing this ladder with the help of ads?

    Landing pages are the best tool to increase the ad conversions, thus by using ads for sending customers to the homepages, you would be giving more power to the landing pages. And in this way, people will get to know more about you while raising your follower count using the preview. This, later on, leads to an increase in the click rate and more purchase.

    1. Run marketing campaigns

    Mostly, promotions run for a definite period of time, but there are few which can run all the time. You must have the forms on your web pages which makes it easier for users to sign up for the newsletter, contact you or write testimonials. Create landing pages of particular services and products. Leave them indefinitely.

    If you are searching for a method of increasing the efficiency of the social media efforts, think of the UGC (user-generated content) for helping with the marketing efforts. Make use of the brand based hashtags for interacting with the customers. Make use of the videos, testimonials, and pictures, which customers post on the social media together with the services and products you own on your site for showing the brand off to the real world.

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