3 Best Tweaks To Make Your Whatsapp Look Awesome

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3 Best Tweaks To Make Your Whatsapp Look Awesome

Whatsapp is currently the best social chat platform available for Android, IOS, Windows, etc. It is a free chatting service that escalated quickly among various other alternatives. Almost everyone has Whatsapp installed on their device. It has become a common practice now to Whatsapp each other the media and texts. It has become so popular that people use the name Whatsapp as a verb nowadays.

The default themes and feel of WhatsApp are decent and neat. It has been developed keeping all the hardware and software utilities in mind. But, some people do not like the default WhatsApp theme that comes pre-installed in the traditional Whatsapp. If you are one of them, we have collected various methods that you can use to tweak your WhatsApp and make it look more awesome.

The app that we will be using for this process is GbWhatsapp. It is a modified version of original WhatsApp that was created by the developers of GB Mods. It is entirely safe and secure to use. It comes with some extra features and capabilities that are not available on the traditional WhatsApp. Here are the various elements of GbWhatsapp that you can use to make your WhatsApp look more impressive.


GbWhatsapp comes with an option to alter the theme. The user does not have to worry about getting the themes. The default theme of the original WhatsApp can be replaced with a variety of other skins that GbWhatsapp offers. Many themes are added regularly. There is a Dark Theme pre-installed in GbWhatsappfor all the dark lovers.


If you use dual WhatsApp on your android smartphone, then, you would surely have a problem in differentiating between the two applications. To make your work easier, GbWhatsapp provides an option to change or alter the main menu icon so that the user does not have any issues. GbWhatsapp has several decent symbols that can help you in tweaking your WhatsApp application.


Changing the wallpapers is the most basic approach to tweak your WhatsApp. Even the original WhatsApp provides the feature to change the chat wallpaper. Whatsapp offers some fantastic wallpapers and solid colors to choose from. However, the user can download lots of outstanding wallpapers and apply them to make their WhatsApp look more impressive than ever.
Note: GbWhatsapp app download is entirely free and you can download it from the official website of GB Mods. It is safe and secure to use. This is said to be the best point among the whole list to make your WhatsApp look awesome.

Final Words –

That’s it from us on part of 3 best tweaks to make your WhatsApp look awesome. The content has been researched through resources and reviews online and offline respectively.

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